Student records (Ladok)

The University's student records are managed in a system known as Ladok. Ladok contains information about all first (Bachelor's), second (Master's) and third-cycle (PhD) students.

Once you have been accepted to a course, your name, personal identity number and address will be registered in Ladok. Once you have enrolled, registrations and results will be recorded by the department you are studying at. Credit transfers and qualifications awarded will also be recorded, as well as information regarding payments of tuition fees.

All students have access to their own student record in Ladok through their student account. In Ladok you can register for courses, sign up for examinations, change your contact details, order transcripts and apply for degree certificates. If any information is missing in your record, please contact the department offering the course.

If you are not able to log in to Ladok, please use the web form for official certificate of studies.

The information in Ladok may be used by other authorities and universities for decisions regarding admisssions and student grants, statistics and certain other purposes. The Regulation (1993:1153) on the Account of your Studies, etc. at Universities and Colleges states which information should be recorded and the purposes the data may be used for. Your rights to access your personal data and receive information about its use are regulated in the General Data Protection Regulation and are outlined in the University's Data protection policy.

Last modified: 2021-05-06