The student register (Ladok)

Ladok is the name of the university's study register. It records information about admission to programmes and courses, attendance, grades and degrees for students at undergraduate, advanced and postgraduate level.

When you apply and are admitted to a course or programme, information about your personal identification number, name, address and general eligibility for university studies is entered in to the register, Ladok.

The department continuously records what courses you are registered on, as well as your examination and assessment results. These records are shared on a regular basis with CNS. If you are missing records for any course you should contact your department.

All students must have a student account. Log in to your student account to view your personal information in Ladok via the Student Portal. You are able to change your address and download official certificates of your studies by logging into the Student Portal. If you are no longer a student at Uppsala University with an active student account, you can order an official transcript of records.

Regulations on how the register is to be used can be found in the Regulation on the reporting of studies, Förordning om redovisning av studier med mera vid universitet och högskolor, (SFS 1993:1153). The right to obtain extracts from the register is regulated in the Personal Data Act, Personuppgiftslagen, (1998:204)