Study and live in Visby

3 students walking on a cozy and narrow street in Visby

As a student at Uppsala University – Campus Gotland in Visby, you will have the best of both worlds: the large university’s width and depth within education and research as well as the unique study milieu that can only be found in a smaller campus.

Gotland is the biggest island in the Baltic sea and the city of Visby is just a stone’s throw from the sea. Here there is a spectrum of cultural and sporting activities available all year round. Not to mention all the different environments where you can sit and study in peace and quiet. An ideal place to accumulate knowledge, experiences and memories for life.

Here you will become part of a study environment with ample teaching time and many different contact spaces to interact with students from other programmes.

Campus Gotland in map – Visby, Sweden

Gotland is located in the Baltic Sea, approximately 90 km from the Swedish mainland. 

Last modified: 2022-12-15