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The Development Office handles gifts and donations, sponsorship and alumni relations. At Uppsala University, you will find interesting and important purposes to support by your involvement and generosity. We would be happy to hear from you and discuss ways in which you can contribute!

Questions about gifts and donations:
Questions about alumni activities:

Gifts, donations and sponsorship:

Agneta Stålhandske
Head of Development Office

Thomas Fredengren

Ronnie Alsén
Sponsor Coordinator

Alumni relations:

Sarah Havrén Schütz
Alumni Coordinator

Noelia Ollvid
International Alumni Coordinator

Helena Lundin

How can we help you?

We coordinate contacts with former students at Uppsala University and manage the Alumni Network. We can help you with:

  • Advice. We can help you get started with alumni activities within your programme, department, etc.
  • Addresses. We can give you contact details to alumni, for instance when you need mentors or guest lecturers. This may take a few days depending on the current work load.
  • Member registry. You can set up your alumni association’s member registry in the Alumni Network and benefit from automatic address updates, and the possibility of sending out e-mail newsletters.
  • News. We publish news about alumni days and events online and in other channels, such as our newsletter.
  • Circulars. We can help you with the logistics of larger postal or electronic circulars and to some extent also with the associated costs.
  • Advertising. We can give advice on how to advertise events (for instance reunions) and can help with producing adverts.
  • Informational material. We can contribute folders, magazines, giveaways and certain conference equipment.