For alumni of Uppsala University

Uppsala University Alumni Network offers you a way to keep in touch with the University and former classmates, as well as opportunities to meet new friends and give back to your alma mater. By becoming a member and providing us with your current contact information, you allow us to contact you with current news, relevant invitations and offers. You can broaden your network, get involved in University development and follow the University's research.

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Newsletter and magazine

Keep up-to-date with news about research, education and what is happening at the University via Uppsala University’s newsletter and magazine. As a member of the Alumni Network you can easily update your subscriptions by logging into the network.

The newsletter is sent out nine times each year, and the magazine once a year.

Resources for organising alumni events

Are you keen to organise an alumni event? Use one of our alumni event toolkits for various types of events. Here you will find materials and useful tips on how to go about it.

Order an official transcript or degree certificate

Students at Uppsala University can download an official transcript of records via “My Ladok” If you are no longer a student at Uppsala University, you can order a certificate of studies.

Degree diplomas and course certificates are documents that show you have fulfilled the requirements for a certain degree or course. You can order your degree diploma online.

If you have a degree from Uppsala University it is also possible to share your certificate of studies directly with others (e.g. an employer).

Online shop for merchandise

The University’s long history and many traditions together with its modern research and teaching facilities have inspired us to create a new range of official merchandise where the past meets the present. You will find the official merchandise in Uppsala University’s online shop.


We often experience a lot of personal growth during our time at university. This is very positive and something that can aid us in our future careers. Since these personal and professional skills often seem abstract and difficult to pinpoint, Uppsala University has developed SkillMill – a digital tool that helps graduates identify key professional skills trained during higher education. Learn more about SkillMill.