Toolkit – Predeparture

Share your and fellow alumni’s experiences and useful tips to new students admitted to Uppsala University.

Purpose and target groups

  • Bring together new students going to Uppsala or Visby with alumni to share experiences and answer any questions they may have
  • Recruit new students to the Alumni Network and alumni association/chapter

Suggestions for target groups to invite

  • Students who have been admitted to Uppsala University
  • Exchange students
  • Alumni association/chapter members who wish to share their experiences


  1. Set a date, time and place for the event. This works both as an in-person event and virtual event
  2. Create an invitation and send it to the alumni office who can forward it to new students/exchange students
  3. Invite other alumni to join and share their experiences
  4. Start the event with a presentation about Uppsala University and Uppsala. Contact us to receive a prepared PowerPoint presentation.
  5. Share useful tips, for example how to find a bike to get around
  6. Make sure to leave plenty of room for questions from the students

Useful tips

If the student have many questions you cannot answer, for example on how to find housing (which is provided to exchange students), please refer them to our website Study and live in Uppsala, Study and live in Visby and FAQ for exchange students.

Note that in some countries the Swedish Embassy may organise a predeparture event for all student coming to Sweden and may be looking for alumni to join their events as well.