Nano-engineered ultrasound contrast agent: from visualization towards molecular imaging and therapy – Dmitry Grishenkov

  • Date: 22 April 2024, 11:00–12:00
  • Location: Theatrum Visuale, room 100155, building 10, Ångström Laboratory
  • Type: Seminar
  • Lecturer: Dmitry Grishenkov (Assoc Prof, Dept of Biomedical Engineering, KTH)
  • Organiser: Centre for Image Analysis & Medtech Science and Innovation Centre
  • Contact person: Orcun Göksel

The presentation will be focused on the research and development within contrast enhanced medical imaging and therapy with the special focus on ultrasound and ultrasound contrasts agents as a building block towards multimodal theranostics approach.

In particular, the overview of experimental and theoretical work concerning characterization of structural and physical properties of multimodal contrast agents, investigation of the nature and mechanism of cavitation, understanding of the dynamics of multiphase medium in biomedical applications, ultrasound mediated and tissue specific drug delivery either in a liquid or gas form with or without acoustic droplet vaporization will be covered. Moreover, the study on behaviour of microbubble contrast agent in microfluidic system will be presented. This opens up new horizons of the microbubbles application as a novel unique device for lab-on chip experiments.

Speaker: Dmitry Grishenkov