Uppsala-based Enphasys up for new EU initiative Women TechEU

Just a minute… Christel Bergström, Center Director at SweDeliver and co-founder of Enphasys AB, one of 50 European companies that receive 75,000 euros in the European Union's new initiative Women TechEU, drawing attention to startups with women at top.

(Image removed) Christel Bergström, Professor and Center Director, Uppsala University

What does it mean for Enphasys to get the EU's stamp of quality?
“It is enormously inspiring that Enphasys, being a small startup, gets such a wonderful recognition. The search pressure in this first round was massive with a grant rate of twelve percent, and we are very proud of the fine statement we received. We see it as a proof partly of the solid scientific work behind Enphasys and its continued strong scientific focus, but also of how we succeed in transforming this into a vital business idea in an important area where new technologies are necessary.”

How will you invest the prize money?
“In continued development of the prototype we have patented, now with a focus on sustainability aspects and manufacturing. We will also continue to focus on strategic communication and visibility for Enphasys.”

What future do you see for your company?"
“Enphasys is currently based on sales of services for drug development with a focus on customers in formulation issues. With the technology we develop, we help companies find the best formulation for their substances in order to increase drug uptake from the intestine. Our technology shows good correlation to animal data, thus contributing to a shift from animal studies to lab bench methods and the 3R principle: Reduce, Refine, Replace animal experiments.

Do you see possibilities to develop Enphasy's business concept further?
“Absolutely, among many things by downscaling our technology and develop it into a product that can be used by customers for a faster first assessment of formulations. In doing this, we provide our company two legs, sales of product and sales of service and expert competence.”

What is your view on Women TechEU and your own future in the initiative?
“Venture capital is predominantly invested in companies founded or managed by men. Women TechEU is an important initiative to promote and make female leadership visible in this male-dominated environment, and we look very much forward to participating in this network, gathering women entrepreneurs from across the EU and to learn from them. We also look forward to the opportunity to stimulate and motivate other women to make the journey as innovators and entrepreneurs.”


  • Provides support to 50 promising women-led companies in 15 European countries.
  • Each company receives grants worth 75,000 euros providing support through early innovation process and initial growth.
  • The company leaders are registered in the European Innovation Council's Women Leadership Program for tailor-made coaching and mentoring activities that last 6 to 12 months.



(Image removed) Christel Bergström, Professor
SweDeliver, Uppsala University

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt