New thesis with focus on microgels as tools for drug delivery

Tuesday 14 June, Yassir Al-Tikriti, researcher at SweDeliver and Uppsala University’s Department of Medicinal Chemistry, presented his thesis Microgels as drug delivery vehicles: Loading and release of amphiphilic drugs.

(Image removed) Yassir Al-Tikriti, SweDeliver and the Faculty of Pharmacy

In focus of Yassir Al-Tikriti’s thesis Microgels as drug delivery vehicles: Loading and release of amphiphilic drugs is to increase our understanding of the interaction between cationic amphiphilic drugs and oppositely charged microgels. Yassir’s findings are expected to add important value to the design of a novel drug delivery system based on loading a large amount of amphiphilic drug inside microgels with the possibility to control the release.

(Image removed) Yassir Al-Tikriti, Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Yassir Al-Tikriti, a pharmacist with a degree from Baghdad University, received his master's degree in pharmaceutical science at Uppsala University in 2012 with a focus on drug formulation and development. Yassir has conducted his PhD studies at the SweDeliver Work package Parenteral drug delivery, under supervision of Professor Per Hansson.

“SweDeliver is effectively bridging the gap between the university and the industry, thus providing both scientific vitality and a platform to discuss professional challenges with specialists from different areas of the pharmaceutical fields. As a PhD Student, having had the privilege to operate in an environment so fundamentally characterised by generosity has added many values. Throughout my years at the center I have continuously received helpful tips and much appreciated feedback,” states Yassir Al-Tikriti.




(Image removed) Yassir Al-Tikriti, PhD student
Department of Medicinal Chemistry

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt, private