Numerous new findings by SweDeliver's junior researchers

During summer and autumn, Ires van der Zwaan, Marcus Wanselius, Ann-Christin Jacobsen and numerous other junior researchers at SweDeliver are publishing results that add valuable knowledge to the fields of drug delivery.

(Image removed) Ires van der Zwaan, Marcus Wanselius and Ann-Christin Jacobsen, SweDeliver

In the article Characterization of Membrane-Type Dissolution Profiles of Clinically Available Orally Inhaled Products Using a Weibull Fit and a Mechanistic Model, Ires van der Zwaan, PhD Student in SweDeliver's Work Package Pulmonary Drug Delivery, describes an extended mathematical model allowing for dissolution of polydisperse powders and subsequent diffusion of dissolved drug across a membrane.

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The findings, showing that the developed extended model provides superior understanding of the dissolution mechanisms in membrane-type (Transwell) dissolution tests, are published in Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2022.

Marcus Wanselius, PhD student at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, has published the article Responsive Hyaluronic Acid–Ethylacrylamide Microgels Fabricated Using Microfluidics Technique in the Special Issue Advanced Hydrogels: Preparation, Property, and Biomedical Application by journal Gels.

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In his study, Marcus Wanselius investigates a microfluidics method to synthesize highly responsive, covalently crosslinked, hyaluronic acid microgels in order to probe interactions between polyelectrolytes and species of opposite charges such as peptides and proteins.

In the article Intrinsic lipolysis rate for systematic design of lipid-based formulations, Ann-Christin Jacobsen introduces the intrinsic lipolysis rate (ILR) as a surface area-independent approach to compare lipid digestibility.

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The article shows that at a constant and low surfactant content, acylglycerol digestibility increased with decreasing acyl chain length, decreased esterification, and increasing unsaturation. The calculated ILR of pure acylglycerols was successfully used to accurately predict the IRL of binary lipid mixtures. The ILR measurements hold great promise as an efficient method supporting pharmaceutical formulation scientists in the design of Lipid-based formulations with specific digestion profiles. The article is published in the journal Drug Delivery and Translational Research.



(Image removed) Christel Bergström, Professor
Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt, SweDeliver