Alexandra Teleki new member of the Particle Technology Forum (AIChE) executive committee

Just a minute... Alexandra Teleki, Center co-Director of SweDeliver and researcher with a focus on pharmaceutical nanotechnology, that in January 2023 will join as the only non-American member of the Particle Technology Forum executive committee.

(Image removed) Alexandra Teleki, SweDeliver and the Faculty of Pharmacy

What's up at the Particle Technology Forum?
“We are a division within the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, AIChE, an organisation that was founded in 1908 and today unites more than 60,000 chemical engineers in 110 countries. Our particular forum works to promote research, education and information exchange in particle technology.”

How did you find your way into the executive committee?
“I have been a member and attended the AIChE annual conferences in the USA for almost 20 years, so I have relatively long experience with the organisation. I also serve as the Executive Editor of the Powder Technology scientific journal, and when a new committee was to be chosen, I was nominated and elected by the forum members, which feels very honorable.”

(Image removed) Alexandra Teleki, Ass. professor and Center co-Director

What issues will you pursue?
“I will join the committee in January 2023 and then my duties will get clearer outlines, but so far we have discussed how to increase the involvement of younger researchers in particle technology. Vivid presence in social media is one way to go. Offering prominent positions at international meetings is another. Serving in the committee also includes contributing to conferences and other scientific contexts.”

What can this position add to your own research?
“The institute forms a comprehensive international network, especially within the American industry. As the only non-American on the forum committee, I see opportunities to pave the way for new collaborations with great potential benefit for both SweDeliver and Uppsala University's Faculty of Pharmacy.”

When will the committee meet for the first time?
“We actually already met in November at the AIChE 2022 annual meeting which took place in Phoenix, Arizona. It is a conference that gathers several thousand participants and where our research group contributed with several appreciated presentations, including our PhD student Yael Suárez who won a poster award.”


  • Alexandra Teleki is Associate professor and researcher in Drug formulation at Uppsala University
  • In 2020, Alexandra Teleki received an ERC Consolidator Grant to develop of a new method to diagnose and treat inflammatory bowel diseases in children.



(Image removed) Alexandra Teleki, Associate professor
Center co-Director, SweDeliver

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt