Meet our partners: Pharmetheus

Pharmetheus AB provides expertise in pharmacometrics, an interdisciplinary discipline where complex data and model-based methods are applied to support drug development in all clinical phases and in all therapeutic areas. We asked Erik Sjögren, Senior Consultant, what added values that arise when the fields of drug delivery and pharmacometrics interact.

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Pharmetheus recently increased its commitment in SweDeliver as Vinnova granted funding for the project Subcutaneous drug delivery: PBPK-QSP model for absorption and anti-drug antibody response. We teamed up with Erik Sjögren, Senior consultant and in charge of developing the company's PBPK-QSP platform, about the values a competence center in drug delivery can add to a company with its heart in pharmacometrics.

(Image removed) Erik Sjögren, Senior consultant, Pharmetheus

“Pharmetheus' services include developing and illustrating predictive models, and in these, drug administration and drug delivery are often in focus. As a partner in SweDeliver, we are part of a larger network where both academic and industrial expertise provide valuable input to our work. At the same time, it is an important platform for us to spread knowledge and awareness of the full potential that modeling can add to the development of new pharmaceutical drugs.”

And what primary values does Pharmetheus add to SweDeliver?
“Currently, not enough people are trained in physiology-based to utilize the area's potential within pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical development. In order to build the competence needed, it is necessary that more junior researchers are introduced to pharmacokinetics, and with our involvement in SweDeliver, we hope to contribute to increase the interest in this field among a new generation of researchers.”

What does your involvement in SweDeliver mean in operational terms?
“When developing and establishing a new model – which in our SweDeliver engagement means a predictive model for subcutaneous drug absorption – one should always have close dialogue with expertise in the particular field, in order to identify and address aspects of importance to users. In SweDeliver, we receive this input directly, which gives us an excellent starting point for implementing the project.”

And looking into the crystal ball, what long-term expectations do you have for SweDeliver?
“Today, our contact areas are increasing within both academia and industry, which is of course extremely valuable as Pharmetheus' operations are based on integrating knowledge from different scientific spheres. As you know, drug delivery contains several challenges, and the faster we achieve the goals set for SweDeliver, the results - better predictive models and faster development of new drugs - will generate great benefit for both industry, society and above all care recipients.”


  • Pharmetheus offers pharmacometric services supporting drug development of compounds in all clinical phases and in all therapeutic areas.
  • Pharmetheus leverage on recent advances in model-based drug development methodology.



(Image removed) Erik Sjögren, Senior consultant
Pharmetheus AB

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Pharmetheus