SweDeliver Retreat with a focus on research and networking

The 2023 SweDeliver Retreat turned out a much appreciated two-part event where the center's junior researchers enjoyed the opportunity to network with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry during a career evening arranged by The Swedish Pharmaceutical Society, followed by a day of research presentations and panel discussions.


“New at this year's retreat was that our PhD students moderated both the scientific sessions and the panel discussion, and also participated in the panel to share their experiences. The concept contributed to great commitment and good discussions throughout the day,” notes Alexandra Teleki, Center co-Director at SweDeliver.

The retreat began the evening before with a visit to Opportunities after PhD and Post doc studies, an event arranged by The Swedish Pharmaceutical Society, giving the junior researchers opportunities to gain new perspectives and establish meaningful relationships in order to further advance their careers.

“Talking to representatives of the industry, research institutes and authorities provided important inspiration for the future. Getting scientific feedback on our work from SweDeliver's senior members and industrial partners is always relevant. So the retreat was a valuable experience in every way,” concludes Anna Simonsson, PhD student in SweDeliver's Pulmonary drug delivery work package.

Retreat panel


Center Director
Professor Christel Bergström,
Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

Center co-Director
Associate Professor Alexandra Teleki
Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

Text: Magnus Alsne, photo: SweDeliver