Welcome Shahin Tamjidi!

Systemutvecklare Shahin Tamjidi

Shahin Tamjidi is looking forward to take part in the development of the new U-CARE Platform.

Welcome to U-CARE and the research group Healthcare Sciences and e-Health, Shahin Tamjidi! Shahin will work as a system developer taking part in the development of the new U-CARE Platform.

Web developer with broad experience

Shahin has an extensive experience as a web developer. During the past seven years, he has mainly worked with the streaming services Viasat and Canal+.

– I started as a full-stack developer, and in recent years I have specialized in front-end development, says Shahin. Front-end is what you as a user see when you visit a website or a digital service.

Driven by finding solutions

Shahin will play a key role in developing the web tool researchers will use to create studies on the new U-CARE platform. He explains that it is complex and puts high demands on the system from both a performance and safety perspective.

Shahin is looking forward to start his new role and becomes enthusiastic when talking about his approach to problem solving.

I am driven by finding solutions to challenges that are seemingly impossible to solve, so difficult that the development stops. So far, it hasn’t happened to me that I haven’t been able to find a solution to a problem. There are so many different tools to choose from today so there is almost always a solution, even if it doesn't seem like it at first.

New dog owner

Shahin lives in Storvreta with his wife, their two cats Lucifer and Lucky, and the four-month-old puppy Electra.

– In recent weeks, almost all of my wife’s and my spare time has been spent together with our animals. We love them, even though we might not have realized how much time we would need to spend with them. In fact, we cancelled our gym memberships a few weeks ago because we didn’t have time to go anyway, laughs Shahin.

We at U-CARE wish you a warm welcome Shahin!


Miro Anter

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