U-CARE Healthcare

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U-CARE as a healthcare organisation

U-CARE offers psychosocial support and care within the framework of our research. Uppsala University is the responsible care provider, and the organisation that is responsible for the healthcare is called U-CARE Healthcare. Our healthcare organisation complies with the laws and regulations that regulate Swedish healthcare: The Patient Act (2014:821), The Patient Safety Act (2010:659), the Health Care Act (2017:30), and the Patient Data Act (2008:355).

People who receive healthcare and support within one of our research projects have the same safety and rights as patients in other healthcare organizations in Sweden. Our healthcare is designed to guarantee high patient safety and good quality. The treatment is free of charge and is only offered to study participants who are part of our research studies.

This handbook aims to provide guidance on issues related to patient safety and health care quality within U-CARE Healthcare.

Each year, U-CARE produces a patient safety report that summarizes our work in patient safety. These reports provide an overview of identified risks, implemented actions, and planned strategies to improve patient safety and the quality of the health care.