Frequently asked questions about research collaboration

How can my company or organisation collaborate with researchers at Uppsala University?

There are many ways to collaborate with our researchers. To find the best way to help your company or organisation, we first need to understand what you are interested in and what needs your organisation has. This will make it easier for us to help you find the right researcher to contact and find appropriate forms of collaboration and support that will allow you to move forward.

Commissioned research or collaborative research?

There are two possible forms of research cooperation: contract research and collaborative research. Within these frameworks, collaboration can be designed in different ways to create the greatest possible value for both you and us.

Before collaboration can begin, it is important to agree on what form will be used. The form most appropriate for an individual collaboration depends on your needs. This is why we begin our discussion with existing needs.

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What benefit can my company or organisation gain from collaborating with researchers?

At Uppsala University, your company or organisation can easily develop its knowledge base and learn about cutting edge research and innovation environments. We have both highly specialised expertise and an exciting breadth of fields to explore and benefit from. There are opportunities to establish contacts directly with world-renown researchers, jointly conduct research projects and, in some cases, share expenses for certain types of equipment or research. Applying for external funding for joint projects is another possibility, as is publishing jointly. You also gain access to an important recruitment base for current and future needs.

What support is available for starting collaboration with researchers?

If you are looking for new contacts for possible collaboration, the University offers many ways of meeting our researchers. You can also contact us directly with your questions, ideas or requests, and we will help you contact the right person at the University. One option is for us to arrange a focus meeting with researchers for a more in-depth sharing of information about a specific field.

If a collaboration becomes relevant, we can provide advice on funding and help to more narrowly define what the collaboration will focus on as a way of ensuring the best possible mutual benefit. It is important that all the involved parties in the collaboration will benefit from participating. We can also provide support on collaboration agreements and joint applications for external funding.

What funding can we apply for to support the collaboration?

There are multiple funding organisations that offer grants for collaboration between academia and companies/organisations, and we are happy to provide advice and tips on different options. The University as some leeway in contributing to funding of new collaboration projects aimed at creating benefit for society. This collaboration funding allows quicker initiation of a collaboration to test an idea or question, where the collaborating parties have a mutual interest. The University’s collaboration funding covers the academic participant’s share of the project. For this reason, the external participant must contribute resources like time, cash funding, materials and data.