Our meeting places

This is where you can discover meetings and events where you can meet our researchers to establish contacts and exchange knowledge and ideas.

AIMday – one question, one hour, endless possibilities

AIMday offers the opportunity to easily and effectively discuss your specific challenges with our researchers. You formulate the question, we match it with the right expertise.

You can use AIMday to find access to research, new contacts and collaborations that can provide new ways of understanding or solving your questions. You also gain the opportunity to find other organisations with similar challenges and interests.

AIMday is a collaborative method developed by Uppsala University. Since 2008, it has been an obvious aspect of the University’s many meeting places. Each year, a handful of AIMdays are organised around various themes, like welfare, cancer and materials. It is also a highly appreciated collaborative method used at other universities, like Oxford and Edinburgh.

Read more about AIMday at aimday.se

Do you want to arrange an AIMday at your university? We can help you get started.

Focus meeting for more in-depth knowledge

For companies or organisations needing an overview or a deeper understanding of a specific research domain or challenge, focus meetings with researchers can be an interesting alternative.

The Innovation Partnership Office can help to match your needs with the right expertise, to arrange the meeting and to coordinate the University’s involvement. If a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is required, we can help arrange this easily.

For more information about the focus meeting, contact Jenny Nordquist at the Innovation Partnership Office.

MAYday for Crisis – collaboration on the coronavirus pandemic

With MAYday for Crisis, Uppsala University offers a network for sharing knowledge and collaboration between researchers and the surrounding community for challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic. The ambition is to quickly link researchers and external actors in joint projects that can help society move forward. Today, the network involves over 130 researchers from throughout the University.

Several thematic areas have emerged within the network, including medicine and healthcare, technical solutions, social structures and education, financial models and innovation. Several areas can be added if interest exists.


Do you want to find out more or register your interest in participating in MAYday for Crisis? Perhaps you have a challenge, idea or question about the pandemics’ short- or long-term effects? Feel free to contact Harris Stamatopoulos at the Innovation Partnership Office.

Theme days provide inspiration in informal settings

The idea behind theme days is to make it easy for researchers and external organisations to gain insight into each other’s work. For a half day, presentations of research projects and research environments are mixed with short presentations from a handful of companies and organisations, with generous time to meet for informal discussions. Theme days are organised twice a semester and, so far, have been held in areas like materials and diagnostics, medical engineering and materials for sustainable product development.

Would you like to find out more or do you have requests for future theme days? Contact Jenny Nordquist at the Innovation Partnership Office.

Ångström Materials Academy – mobilising around materials

Ångström Materials Academy (ÅMA) is a portal to Uppsala University’s entire research on materials and relate infrastructure. It is an open and dynamic network that brings together researchers, industry and the public sector through joint activities and projects. In this way, ÅMA is a hub for goal-oriented research and development collaborations within materials science.

For more information about ÅMA, contact Helena Bysell at the Innovation Partnership Office.

Ångström Materials Academy

Big Science Sweden – become a supplier for Europe’s research facilities

Big Science Sweden (BiSS) is Sweden’s official Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO) and is intended to strengthen Sweden’s ability and resources for developing and delivering advanced technology to large-scale research facilities.

Uppsala University leads BiSS in eastern Sweden and provides support to companies for participating in collaborations with academia, establishing contacts and doing business with research facilities. Greater and more established collaboration between industry and academia expands opportunities for Swedish companies to win procurements and increase their sales of components and equipment to these facilities. Technical needs include everything from mechanical manufacturing, materials, electronics, radio technology, optics, robotics, and process and system technologies. Some of these are standard systems, while others require extensive development efforts, which helps drive development of new, advanced technologies and new products. This, in turn, can lead to industrial expansion within a range of fields.

Would you like find out more or become a part of the BiSS network of hi-tech companies? Contact Fredrik Engelmark at the Innovation Partnership Office.

Big Science Sweden