Participants and their processes

Leadership for Transformative Change cohort 1 have participants from 12 different countries from 3 continents; Africa, Asia and Europe. Some of the ongoing transformation projects are presented below.

Dr. Sapna Poti and Rahul Kulshreshtha

Our project is called: Framework for Agriculture Sustainability for Small Land Holding Farmers supporting them through Science & Technology Intervention

Our focus area is Agriculture Sustainability

Who are the stakeholders?

Farmers, FPO, Researchers & startups, Industries, foundations, and Government.

What change are you trying to bring about in your project?

We aim to improve the current living conditions of small landholding farmers, who constitute 80% of India's total farmers supporting through Science & Technology intervention

What is it like to participate in the LTC Program?

The LTC program has provided me with a learning platform from peers from highly enriching experience people from different countries, bringing diverse perspectives from different cultures and countries, Invaluable Guidance for change facilitators, and learning from Mentors for your personal traits development. Apart from this, it has equipped me with different tools to work on complex problems.

Conducting Survey for identifying challenges of Farmers

Conducting Survey for identifying challenges of Farmers

Pavlo Kushniryuk and Oleksandr Kava

Our project is called: National Participation Budget

National Participation Budget (NPB) is a special fund in a state budget for financing preselected sustainable development projects with transparent procedure of public money allocation among projects by direct digital voting of citizens of Ukraine.

Our main goals and focus are:

Implement a direct democracy approach for public expenditure management.

Increase trust between society and state, including lowering the level of perception of corruption.

Motivate the government to indicate real demand of society, with realistic projects and ideas that have support in the society.

Establish new ways of communication and involve people to achieve sustainable development goals and increase awareness of its importance on a global level.

As project touches wide range of social ties and aspects:

The closest stakeholders are governmental authorities and Parliament as they are responsible for forming policy in public expenditures, fiscal rules, and SDG strategies.

Still the main and obviously important stakeholder is the civil society as a key player for responsible decision-making in public sphere.

What change are you trying to bring about in your project?

Our project aims to make people more responsible and more aware of Sustainable Development in practice by giving them a right to decide what certain issues will be performed with public funds.

What is it like to participate in the LTC Program?

For our team, it is a great opportunity to find new family co-thinkers all over the world that have different areas of involvement but share the same values. We strongly believe that the LTC Program allows us to lay a solid foundation of like-minded people that are ready to change the world starting from themselves, their teams and society at all.

For these goals, the LTC Program brings me valuable knowledge on design thinking and strategic communication from the first-class lecturers and experts with giving no direct solutions to my case but a wide range of instruments and methods.

Pavlo Kushniryuk and Oleksandr Kava

Pavlo Kushniryuk and Oleksandr Kava Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt