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Uppsala University can provide your company or organisation with a range of ways to develop. Our researchers are ready for research collaborations, our students can be your new employees and our contract courses can raise your organisation to an entirely new level.

Collaborating on research

All sizes of companies and organisations from a wide range of industries and sectors actively conduct R&D with researchers or research teams at Uppsala University. This can involve everything from collaboration with individual researchers to larger co-funded projects and partnerships. Participating in collaborative research projects is an effective way to learn about the latest findings in a relevant field, both to expand your organisation’s own knowledge base and to gain access to new findings and advanced infrastructure. Uppsala University’ wide-ranging academic programmes mean the chances are good that we can match the needs of your organisation with the expertise and resources available at the University.

Our goal is simple – it should be easy for you and your company or organisation to collaborate with our researchers. To this end, we offer support in each step of the process, from inspiration and matchmaking to knowledge sharing and full-scale, funded collaborations. What are you looking for?

The Innovation Partnership Office is Uppsala University’s interface for research collaborations with the private and public sectors and non-profit organisations.

Working with our researchers

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Where to meet our researchers

Collaborate on innovations

Contribute to innovation projects

Are you interested in innovations from Uppsala University and want to contribute? Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, business developer or investor, you have many options for getting involved in innovation projects.

The team often needs additional resources, expertise and individuals before research findings and ideas can come to market. This is why we need to continually expand the network of people who can join projects or who can serve as consultants to offer support and expertise within different technical fields and markets.

We offer opportunities for you to learn about innovative solutions long before they reach a market. Interested? Contact Nhils Forslund at UU Innovation.

Would you like to become a mentor for a researcher?

By becoming a mentor for a researcher or doctoral student, you can contribute to research-based ideas reaching beyond academia, finding their practical application and, ultimately, transforming into something that can be useful for society.

We are looking for experienced individuals active in the private sector, at public agencies or other public organisations who want to share their knowledge and networks. As a mentor, you are given the opportunity to meet researchers, learn about their work and understand the inspiration behind their work. You become an engine to help drive both personal and professional development.

Read more about opportunities for becoming a mentor.

Work with students

At Uppsala University, you can find new staff and the latest expertise. As an employer, there are many ways that you can make contact with our enthusiastic students.

Work with our students.

Last modified: 2022-06-27