Working with our researchers

Our goal is simple – it should be easy for you and your company or organisation to collaborate with our researchers. To this end, we offer support in each step of the process, from inspiration and matchmaking to knowledge sharing and full-scale, funded collaborations. What do you need?

One contact, many opportunities

It is not always easy finding your way around a large university so you can take advantage of all the opportunities. Our collaboration managers at the Innovation Partnership Office can help you find the right contacts, the right expertise and the best forms of collaboration. They can also help arrange funding and coordinate to ensure the collaboration has an easy start, runs smoothly and produces results. Our legal counsel and specialists within intellectual property rights can also help in formulating well planned collaboration agreements that regulate the rights for all the parties.

We also offer different types of meetings and events where you can meet our researchers to establish contacts and share knowledge and ideas. Read more about our meeting places.

See also frequently asked questions about research collaboration.

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Last modified: 2022-06-27