Objective and strategies for collaboration

Uppsala University is to:

  • Stimulate, coordinate and support collaborative initiatives
  • Ensure that collaboration is included in planning, developing and evaluation of research and education
  • Encourage and develop incentives for collaboration
  • Establish and develop strategic partnerships
  • Further the international exchange of learning and experience

(From the University’s Programme for External Collaboration)

Objective and strategies


Collaboration with the private, public and non-profit sectors will engage all parts of the university and contribute both to societal development and to the University’s vitality.


  • Collaboration will be developed in partnership with external partners by formulating challenges and implementing joint projects and educational elements.
  • The academic staff’s work to convey ideas and research results from the entire University and to make them available for societal benefit and commercialisation will be strengthened.
  • Collaboration will be a more highly valued part of the work of all academic staff.
  • External contract assignments in research and education, especially in continuing professional training, will increase through initiatives at all levels within the University.
  • The exchange of expertise between the University and society will be encouraged and help provide opportunities for the University’s employees.
  • The University’s alumni will be engaged to a greater degree to contribute to the development of education, research and collaboration.
  • Funds donated by individuals and organisations will increase through the development of fundraising activities for education, research and collaboration.
  • Society’s knowledge of, and access to, the University’s educational and research offerings will increase through improved communication, and new activities and arenas for dialogue.
  • The University’s museums, collections and other parts of our cultural heritage will be made accessible in order to develop new forms of collaboration.

(From the University’s Mission and Core Values)

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