Collaborate on research

All sizes of companies and organisations from a wide range of industries and sectors actively conduct R&D with researchers or research teams at Uppsala University. This can involve everything from collaboration with individual researchers to larger co-funded projects and partnerships. Participating in collaborative research projects is an effective way to learn about the latest findings in a relevant field, both to expand your organisation’s own knowledge base and to gain access to new findings and advanced infrastructure. Uppsala University’ wide-ranging academic programmes mean the chances are good that we can match the needs of your organisation with the expertise and resources available at the University.

Our goal is simple – it should be easy for you and your company or organisation to collaborate with our researchers. To this end, we offer support in each step of the process, from inspiration and matchmaking to knowledge sharing and full-scale, funded collaborations. What are you looking for?

The Innovation Partnership Office

The Innovation Partnership Office is Uppsala University’s interface for research collaborations with the private and public sectors and non-profit organisations.