Maria Hjorth

PhD student at Department of Medical Sciences; Gastroenterology/Hepatalogy

Visiting address:
Akademiska sjukhuset, Ingång 40, 5 tr
751 85 Uppsala
Postal address:
Akademiska sjukhuset, Ingång 40, 5 tr
751 85 UPPSALA

PhD student at Center for Clinical Research Dalarna

Visiting address:
Centrum för Klinisk Forskning Dalarna
Postal address:
Nissers väg 3
791 82 FALUN

Short presentation

Maria Hjorth is a registered nurse specialist in medical care, with thirty years of experience in both liver cirrhosis outpatient care and inpatient liver transplant care. Maria’s current clinical assignment is at the gastroenterology outpatient clinic of Falu hospital in the County of Dalarna. She is a former chair and board member of the Swedish Association of Gastroenterology Nurses and has contributed to the Swedish national guidelines for the treatment of liver cirrhosis.


  • liver cirrhosis
  • multi-centre study
  • nursing care
  • patient experiences
  • pragmatic clinical trial
  • qualitative research
  • quality of care


This text is not available in English, therefore the Swedish version is shown.

The purpose of Maria Hjorth's doctoral thesis was to study patients’ day-to-day experiences with liver cirrhosis illness and their perceived quality of care, both before and after implementing an adjunctive registered nurse-based outpatient intervention, namned the Quality Liver Nursing Care Model (QLiNCaM). This was explored through patient narrated experiences and assessed through patient questionnaires regarding the quality of care. In future publications, patients’ health-related quality of life and health economy will be reported, following the adjunctive registered nurse-based outpatient intervention.

Maria Hjorth