Felicia Zaar

Short presentation

I'm a PhD student in Nanotechnology and Functional Materials, and an egineer with an MSc in Physics. My research is centered around polymer-based materials for heterogeneous catalysis of redox reactions, with focus on sustainable applications. I use electrochemical and spectroscopical experimental techniques in combination with density functional theory modelling on a supercomputer.


To face the challenges of the climate crisis, we must find new ways to harvest energy, produce fuel and extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As a PhD student in Nanotechnology and Functional materials, I’m working towards solutions to these problems. With experimental electrochemistry and quantum mechanical simulations, I develop and characterize materials that can drive chemical reactions for sustainable applications. In particular, I work with molecular systems for catalysis of water-splitting and reduction of carbon dioxide.

My job involves a mixture of fundamental science and practical problem solving that I thoroughly enjoy. Being an engineer with an MSc in Nanophysics, I get to complement my experimental work with a deep theoretical understanding for the inner workings of my materials. My goal is to become a bridge between experiment and theory, chemistry and physics, intuition and mathematical rigor. When I finish my PhD, I want to work with computational molecular design, as the translator between physics and real, useful materials.

Felicia Zaar