Thanadol Sutantiwanichkul

Short presentation

Thanadol is a research engineer in image analysis at the Human Protein Atlas Uppsala's group. He finished his master's study in Molecular Techniques in Life Science (MTLS) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He was previously working with mass spectrometry-based plasma proteomics at the targeted proteomics (Mathias Uhlén's lab) group, KTH, and SciLifeLab. He has been working in the field of protein science, proteomics, and systems biology.


Thanadol was born in Bangkok, Thailand. He finished his high school degree in mathematics and science from Mahidol Wittayanusorn School (Thailand Academy of Science). He received the Junior Science Talent Project (JSTP) scholarship from the National Science and Technology Development Agent (NSTDA). He did a bachelor's study in biomedical science at Mahidol University, Bangkok. After a few experiences in protein science and translation research from protein structure with Cryo-EM, drug discovery, and proteomics, he came to Sweden as a master's student in Molecular Techniques in Life Science (MTLS) at KTH Royal Institute of technology in 2018 with support from the Swedish Institute Study Scholar (SISS). He received the Science for Life Laboratory Summer Fellowship during the study where he did research in single-cell RNA sequencing of atypical B-cell at the department of infectious disease, Karolinska Institute (KI). He then moved back to do his thesis in targeted mass-spectrometry-based proteomics at KTH and SciLifeLab. His experience in data analysis and programming skills are varied including R. python, SQL, and Git.

Thanadol Sutantiwanichkul