About Department of Chemistry - BMC

The department is located at the Biomedical Centre and has existed in its current form since 2012. The organisation is led by Head of Department Máté Erdélyi and the Department Board, with help of Assitstant Head of Department Mikael Widersten.

We have three research programmes, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry, each led by a head of division, and a support unit led by an administrative manager and a technical coordinator. Around one hundred employees from accross the world work at the department. Among these, just under twenty persons are senior teachers and almost fifty are doctoral students. The department's turnover is approximately 145 MSEK.

The department hosts three infrastructure facilities: NMR Uppsala, a SciLifeLab platform and a local platform for proteomics. In addition, the Swedish Research Council's excellence initiative, "Centre for Chemistry of Life", and the Open Medicine Foundation's, "Collaboration Centre for ME/CFS", are led by professors working at our department. Our premises at BMC gives us unique opportunities for close collaborations with departments in biology, pharmacy and medicine, as well as SciLifeLab.

Together with the Department of Chemistry – Ångström, we form the Section of Chemistry at Uppsala University. The Section of Chemistry is responsible for the Bachelor's and Master's Programmes in Chemistry, as well as for the Master of Science in Chemical Engineering programme, which we run together with departments within the Faculty of Pharmacy. The Department of Chemistry – BMC offers courses at undergraduate and graduate level in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and organic chemistry for about 250 full-time equivalent students. We offer doctoral education in all of these subjects, as well as chemistry with open specialisation.