Analytical Chemistry

Close-up of technical components of a mass spectrometry instrument.

We develop new methods for chemical analysis of complex samples

Analytical chemistry is about identifying and quantifying the chemical constituents of different samples. This may involve measuring the presence of environmental toxins in nature to understand how animals and plants are affected by our modern lifestyle, analysing blood and tissue samples to determine whether a patient is ill or not, or checking that an industrial product meets certain quality requirements.

In our research, we try to develop more sensitive and precise analytical methods, mainly in the field of mass spectrometry. A large part of our research is focused on medical diagnostics and understanding diseases, where we try to find biomarkers for various diseases using metabolomics and proteomics studies. We also try to develop new methods to detect, quantify and characterize small molecules in different types of biological samples such as liquids, thin tissue sections and individual cells. Moreover, we conduct research in the environmental field, where we investigate how different elements, such as carbon and phosphorus, are metabolised in nature.