Organic Chemistry

Old glass equipment for organic chemistry, molecular structures and an NMR instrument.

We develop new methods for synthesising and studying organic molecules

Organic chemistry is the science of carbon-containing compounds. The field spans from development of new synthesis methods and elucidation of the mechanisms that control chemical reactions to studies of how the structure of organic molecules affects their function and potential applications. By creating new organic compounds with the desired physical, chemical or biological properties, we can contribute to solving both technical and medical problems.

Many research projects within the programme are focused on drug development and medical applications. This includes design and synthesis of probes that can be used to study and diagnose specific diseases, development of new methods to develop and evaluate drug candidates targeting non-traditional target proteins, and natural product chemistry. Fundamental organic chemistry research is also conducted within the programme. We are particularly strong in the NMR area with main focus on method development, but we are also working to develop faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly synthesis methods, for example by developing and studying new catalysts.