Collaboration at Department of Organismal Biology

Animals at the Museum of Evolution

Collaboration within Science and Technology

The Faculty of Science and Technology has a common unit for collaboration with schools, industry and society. Among other things they organize a science festival where our researchers participates and contribute. At their web page you can also read about ways to collaborate with our education and research.

TekNat Collaboration

Uppsala University Alumni Network

Uppsala University’s Alumni Network is a network for former students and a meeting place for career development and forging professional contacts.

The Alumni Network is for everyone who has studied or worked, or is working at Uppsala University. Also our honorary doctors, guest researchers, board members and others close to the University are regarded as alumni.

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Popular science presentations

We have put together a couple of short presentations in a popular science format that will give the non-scientist some insight into organismal biology. Our intention is to inspire interest into the biology subject and to provide a brief introduction to our research.

The Wallenberg foundation has also made videos featuring research from our department.
A video about Human Evolution and the origins of Scandinavians.

A video about Evolution and the origin of life