Guerrero-Bosagna lab

Skiss epigenetik

Environmental Epigenetics

Our environment is constantly changing. Variable exposure to environmental factors such as temperature, oxygen levels, humidity, or chemicals can affect physiological processes and molecular mechanisms in animals. Among other things, environmental changes can affect the epigenome of organisms, which can change the expression of their genes and give rise to long-term changes in their phenotypes.

We study epigenetic modifications and identify epigenetic signatures in various experimental contexts, ranging from the development of epigenetic tools to identify stress in livestock, to the identification of epigenetic signatures and resistance to cancer treatments in humans. We are also very interested in how epigenetic modifications can be transmitted to future generations and their role in the creation of genotypic variability.

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Members of the Guerrero-Bosagna lab

The Environmental Epigenetics Lab (from left to right): John Lees, Carlos Guerrero Bosagna, Emmanouil Tsakoumis, Fabio Pertille, Violeta de Anca Prado, Farnaz Sourani

Group members

Research leader: Carlos Guerrero Bosagna
Group members: Fábio Pèrtille, John Lees, Emmanouil Tsakoumis, Farnaz Sourani, Violeta de Anca Prado