The Violence & Impacts Early-Warning System (VIEWS) is a cutting-edge conflict prediction system that generates monthly forecasts for violent conflicts across the world up to three years in advance. It is supported by the iterative research and development activities undertaken by the VIEWS consortium.

The VIEWS research consortium

Jointly led by Uppsala University and Peace Research Institute Oslo, the VIEWS consortium unites a suite of innovative research projects that study and predict armed conflict and its societal impact.

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Members of the core VIEWS team from Uppsala University and Peace Research Institute Oslo, 

The VIEWS early-warning system

The VIEWS consortium offers an award-winning conflict early warning system (EWS) that generates monthly predictions for impending conflict up to three years ahead.

The system generates global predictions at the country level, complemented by sub-national forecasts at a 0.5° resolution for Africa and the Middle East.

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Access and download VIEWS data

Explore the monthly conflict predictions in the interactive VIEWS data dashboard, download the latest datasets, access VIEWS data directly via the VIEWS API, or retrieve replication data from past publications.

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