How do stem cells behave in space and can invisible cells untie knots in diabetes research?

  • Date: 5 March 2024, 16:00–17:30
  • Location: University Hospital, Ingång 100/101, Akademiska sjukhuset, Dag Hammarskjölds Väg 8, 752 37 Uppsala
  • Type: Seminar
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  • Organiser: kademiska sjukhuset, Region Uppsala and Uppsala University
  • Contact person: Hannah Karlsson

How are stem cells affected by staying in space? And can invisible cells cure type-1 diabetes? Those are two of the topics for the day when the ATMP center Uppsala gathers for the first network meeting of the year at the Academic Hospital in Uppsala.

In the luggage he brought to the international space station ISS, Swedish astronaut Marcus Wandt among other things had 50 million stem cells from Uppsala University. Cells which he and the rest of the crew performed experiments on.

So how did it go?

At the first network meeting for the ATMP Centre Uppsala, Professor Elena Kozlova talks about the research on stem cells in microgravity that her research group at Uppsala University is conducting.

We also get to listen to Per-Ola Carlsson, senior physician at Akademiska sjukhuset and professor of diabetes diseases, at Uppsala University, when he lectures on his work with the transplantation of genetically modified, hypoimmune insulin-producing cells, a work that might have the potential to cure type-1 diabetes.

Hannah Karlsson, coordinator for ATMP-centrum Uppsala will tell you more about the future of ATMP-centrum Uppsala.

The network meeting is the first in a series of informal meetings where researchers, clinicians and companies in the field can meet, exchange knowledge and share ideas about ATMP to enable more collaborations within ATMP in Uppsala. It is a joint arrangement between Uppsala University, the Academic Hospital and Region Uppsala.

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The lectures are held in Swedish.


ATMP is a regulatory definition where the drugs are based on cells, tissues or genes. This concerns, for example, immune and gene therapy.

The ATMP Center Uppsala is to ensure that patients have access to medicines for advanced therapy, ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products). The center is a collaboration between Akademiska sjukhuset, Region Uppsala and Uppsala University and has a coordinating function within health care that aims to support researchers and health care personnel in the work with development and implementation of ATMP.