Foundation number: 91512

Foundation: E och K.G. Lennanders stipendiestiftelse

Category: Research

For students/researchers at Uppsala University, and also for some other universities and university colleges (see scholarship requirements)


This scholarship is not open for application at the moment.

Scholarship requirements

Scholarships are provided for young Swedish researchers at any of the country’s universities and other institutions of higher learning, to support independent scientific and medical investigations and work that is promising from the standpoint of scientific/practical results. Financially independent applicants should generally not be considered. The Vice-Chancellor appoints persons of special expertise to submit, no later than 30 April, recommendations with regard to scholarship holders, on the basis of which the Vice-Chancellor makes awards. The scholarships may only be awarded for one year, but the same person may, upon renewed application, receive a scholarship for one consecutive year. One third of any amount awarded is held on deposit until the scholarship holder has submitted a report to the Vice-Chancellor with regard to findings and obtained approval with regard to the same. Such amount on deposit is not paid if such report fails to be submitted within five years of the date of the award.