Foundation number: 91613

Foundation: A Rappes stipendiestiftelse

Category: Other

Only for students/researchers at Uppsala University


This scholarship is not open for application at the moment.

Scholarship requirements

Scholarships are provided for up to two direct descendents, on the male line, of the donor who are studying at any of the country’s universities. Barring application by any relative, scholarships are awarded in the first instance to students of theology who lack means and completed schooling at the Peter Fjellstedt Foundation in Uppsala and in the second instance to other qualified applicants. The Vice-Chancellor makes any decisions with regard to awards. Recommendations with regard to applicants who are not relatives are submitted by the Peter Fjellstedt Foundation. Relatives may hold scholarships for four years and may upon renewed application be granted extensions without limit. Non-relatives may hold scholarships for two years and may upon renewed application be granted extensions of two years. Non-relatives are required, upon application by relatives, to relinquish their scholarships at the end of the terms in which such application in made.

The kinship mentioned in the scholarship regulations concerns: Rappe, Adolf Fredric Gustafsson