Renovation of Study Hall A, B and the Special Collections Reading Room

Study Hall A, B and the Special Collections Reading Room will be renovated. This will be done in different stages, starting later in the year. This means that the rooms will be completely closed during different periods.

This page will be updated continuously about the renovation and how it may affect you as a visitor.

Background information

Carolina Rediviva is owned and managed by Statens Fastighetsverk (SFV). SFV is planning a surface renovation (floors, walls, ceilings), and will review electrical wiring, general lighting, windows, plumbing and more.

The renovation will be carried out in two phases:

  • Project 1: Special Collections Reading Room, with a preliminary construction start in January 2025.
  • Project 2: Study Hall A and B with a preliminary construction start in September 2025.

The halls need to be completely vacated during each project.

Library services during the construction period

  • Study spaces: The Carolina Library has a total of about 800 seats, of which 120 are in the A and B halls. We are investigating whether we can replace some seats through densification.
  • Reference books: will need to be ordered from the stacks.
  • In-house loan storage: bookcase function on floor 4, current K62 room.
  • Special Collections Reading Room: to be replaced by a room on floor 3.

The campus libraries have a total of about 400 silent study seats. Find study spaces.

Study Hall A, old picture

Preliminary schedule


  • October: evacuation of collections and staff in the Special Collections Reading Room and surrounding areas begins
  • November: The Special Collections Reading Room closes and moves temporarily to floor 3


  • January: start of construction project 1
  • June: evacuation of collections in Study Hall A and B starts. Reading room tables and chairs sent for renovation.
  • September: start of construction project 2


  • March: construction contract finalised
  • April-June: furnishing and adaptations
  • September: completed

Hopefully, the Special Collections Reading Room will be able to open in its regular location as early as autumn 2025.

Floor plan of Carolina Rediviva, floor 4/ground floor. Marked: Study Hall A, B, Special Collections Reading Room

What will be done during the renovation?

The aim is to improve the environment for research and study by utilising the cultural-historical value of the premises, removing bookcases and shelves that impair ventilation and spoil the environment, and to some extent increasing the number of study places.

This is done by:

  • preserving furnishings and details to recreate a more original environment
  • creating more reading places in Study Hall A, including in the apse (including increased ventilation)
  • improving the security of the Special Collections Reading Room, adapting it for more types of material (e.g. larger formats), and allowing for conversations that do not disturb others.
Study Hall A, old picture

Special Collections Reading Room

  • higher security for entry and exit, handling and storage of materials
  • possibility to study larger format media, e.g. maps
  • possibility to have conversations in connection with the study of materials

Study Hall A

  • original furniture renovated
  • the number of seats will be increased from 75 to 110
  • ventilation will be improved
  • bookcases and floor standing shelves removed
  • improved site lighting

Study Hall B

  • tables are renovated, and supplemented with some height-adjustable tables
  • more flexible chairs
  • bookcases and floor-standing bookshelves removed
  • improved site lighting

Reading rooms after renovation

  • improved ventilation
  • more study places
  • added accessible seating
  • improved site lighting
Special Collections Reading Room


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