Leadership for Transfomative Change


How many participants will be admitted to the programme?

  • 10 pairs (20 participants). There will be 3 cohorts of 20 participants each.

Any specific age range for applicants?

  • No, but you have to be above 18 years.

When are the admission process planned to be finished?

  • The admission process for the first cohort should be completed by the end of May 2023

Can the description of the project (in the proposal field) be the same for me and my co-applicant?

  • Yes, you can use the same description.

Which countries are eligible for applying?

  • For a complete list of countries, please go to the website, ltc.uu.se and look under the tab “ The programme”

Should the project statement be the same wording for both myself and the co-applicant?

  • The descriptions do not have to be exactly identical. They should describe the same project.

Do we fill separate applications for me and my co-applicant?

  • No, you are required to apply in pairs of two. The application form includes personal details for both applicants.

About the co-applicant?  What if one of us gets accepted and not the other? 

  • Individuals will not be accepted, only teams of at least two people. Either both of you are accepted or both of you are not.

Do we need to have an ongoing project that we submit or can it be something we come up with now for the programme? 

  • You can develop a project for this programme, but you need to prove that the project will be feasible and have an impact on society.

Can the co-applicant be from different organisations?

  • Yes, but you need to present the same change project.

Can the team be from 2 qualified countries? For example Sweden and Ethiopia.

  • Yes.

Can the co-applicant come from another country than the listed countries? 

  • No

Do I get a certificate of compilation of the programme?

  • Answer: Yes.

The countries for which the application is open refers to nationality of the applicants or to the country in which the project is intended to be rolled out?

  • Above all, what is crucial is where the change work will take place. But we also see that it is a great advantage to live in, have very good contextual knowledge of and have experience of working with change processes in that country.

What happens after the program? Are there plans for structures that support the project after the program concludes (e.g. infrastructural support, organizational support, financing support, etc) to ensure that project succeeds in the long term?

  • The program includes an alumni network, but currently no other support functions connected to the implementation of the projects that the participants work on during the program.

Which meetings are mandatory?

  • All parts of the program are mandatory, the main focus is on both co-applicants being able to participate in the face-to-face meetings but also in several synchronous digital meetings.

Am I eligible to apply if I am a Yemeni citizen but is resident in Sweden since August 2022 and for longer?

  • It depends on where your organisation is based. If you are working on societal transformation in Sweden, or any of the other eligible countries, it is possible to apply. It is mainly about where the work itself is to be carried out, where the change process will be carried out.

We are just students and are not the managers of any organization, so can we join this project?

  • No, you need to have a leadership position, or the equivalent of that, within an organisation in order to apply.

How to identify my Leadership for Transformative Change-team?

  • You need to apply two by two in a team. Both applicants need to meet all the requirements for participation.

And in addition to that, you need to involve another 3-4 people within your organisation to be committed to work with you on the transformation project that you bring to the programme.

Please let us know the timeline of the program.

  • The programme is 12 months in total. There will be two physical meetings, one in Sweden in October (Monday-Friday in Stockholm), and one outside Sweden during spring 2024 (depending on where the participants come from).

In addition to that there will be online meetings on Zoom, as well as online course material that you can take part of when time allows in your own schedule. You will also work with your transformation project together with your colleagues in the team, and you will meet with your mentor.

And after the 12 months, we will have an alumni module, where you can develop and deepen your network between programme participants.

Can you give example of project taken in the past?

  • Unfortunately, there are no project examples so far, as it is a new programme. But we hope that the transformation projects will aim for societal transformation covering several of the Sustainable development goals in Agenda 2030, addressing all three sustainability dimensions.

Are sustainability consultants eligible to apply as a pair team?

  • Yes.

What are the requirements for the program, can someone with a university diploma qualify?

  • An academic exam is not required, but it is not an obstacle.

Is there a restricted number of participants per organization?

  • No, but we aim for input from different sectors and experiences within each course round.

I would like to know if you have a mentorship opportunity that follows the programme?

  • No

I am leading a research projects in Uganda and I wonder over possibility to apply for this as a Swedish leader with a colleague from Uganda.

  • Yes, you can apply with colleagues from other countries.

Since the program will be in English, will there be opportunity for translations?

  • No, there is no opportunities for translation. To be able to follow the programme a minimum of professional working proficiency, is required.

In 2022, I participated in an ITP funded by SIDA. Can I submit an application for this program?

  • Yes

During the leadership training, how will possible sources of funding for sustainability transformation projects be approached?

  • The program does not include such funding opportunities.

In the form, it says "Will you be able to find two more people to participate in the programme?" whereas in the application requirement, it says I only need on teammate to apply. Will I meet the eligibility criteria if I have only one teammate?

  • You need one co-applicant and the two of you shall create a change team in your organisation or local context, a local team including more colleagues.

Who are you looking for?

  • Pairs of leaders with mandate to drive innovative change projects with potential to contribute to societal transition.

Does this leadership programme have a health component?

  • No explicitly.

Together with co-applicant we provide one project or two similar?

  • One project for both participants.

Do you take on people in the finance sector?

  • Yes

Does a person in the art, fashion and design sector also qualify?

  • Yes

Who are the mentors and coaches?

  • Recruited from our partner organisations.

Is it possible for two teams to apply from the same organization?

  • Yes, but we think it is important to include people with different backgrounds and perspectives, and different organisations.

Can one person be on two applications from the same organization?

  • No

Can you apply with a team member of the same sex?

  • Yes

Last modified: 2023-04-03