Four elite student athletes receive scholarship

10 May 2019

Many students at Uppsala University participate in sports at the elite level in parallel with their studies, and for several years a special scholarship has been instituted specifically for this group. This year’s scholarship recipients are involved in track and field, climbing, floorball and gymnastics.

The four students are:

Kerstin Axelsson, a student in the Science & Technology Studies Civil Engineering Programme who takes part in track and field at the Hässelby Athletic Sports Club. Axelsson has several medals from junior-Swedish championship competitions in long-distance running and moves up this year to the senior level.

Hanna Lif, a student at the Medical Programme and a participant and coach in climbing. Lif has extensive experience as a coach in competitive climbing and is a coach instructor in the Swedish Climbing Federation. Since the turn of the year, she has been the national team manager for the junior national team in sports climbing.

Fredrik Lindholm, a student of the Primary School Teacher Programme who takes part in floorball in the Storvreta Floorball Club. Lindholm has played in Storvreta all his career and with this team has won the Swedish Championship gold and the Champions Cup. In addition to playing with the A-team, he assists as the manager for the club’s junior members.

Gustav Tingelöf, a student of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Programme in structural engineering who is active in gymnastics in the Uppsala Gymnastics Association. Tingelöf is part of the senior national trampoline team and has won Swedish Championship medals in all categories and a Nordic Championship silver medal. In 2018 he placed in both the World Championship and the European Championship.

The scholarships will be awarded during the Welcome Reception for new students this autumn. Uppsala University strives to be an athletics-friendly university, and in connection with the development of procedures for elite student athletes in 2015, a scholarship programme was established. Every year until 2021, four elite student athletes will be awarded a scholarship of SEK 25,000


About the scholarship

Those eligible to apply are active students at Uppsala University who have completed at least one semester of at least half-time study with passing results. The sport is to be included in one of the Swedish Sports Confederation’s special sports governing bodies. Individual athletes are to compete at the national championship level at least and/or on national teams. Elite team athletes are to play in one of the two highest national series. Elite team coaches or national team captains or national team coaches also may apply. A committee comprising representatives of the university, the students’ union and the Uppland Sports Federation conduct an overall appraisal of academic and athletic merits.