No traditional Valborg celebrations in Uppsala

23 March 2020

Activities connected with the traditional celebration of Walpurgis Eve (Valborg) will be cancelled. This is because of the government decision, at the request of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, to stop public gatherings and events with more than 500 people to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

On the days around 30 April, around 150,000 people usually gather in central Uppsala to experience a traditional Valborg celebration. Many of them are visitors from elsewhere or students. The event has no overall organiser, as the programme consists of many different items organised by various actors, as well as spontaneous gatherings. A number of organisers collaborate to promote celebrations that are safe, orderly and secure.

The actors involved are unanimous in wishing to do their utmost to prevent the spread of disease and to limit activities that lead to large gatherings. In the situation in which we currently find ourselves, Valborg celebrations therefore cannot go ahead in Uppsala. The actors concerned urge everyone to celebrate the arrival of spring in alternative ways this year.

The following activities will not take place:

  • The running of the falls
  • Activities in Ekonomikum Park
  • Herring lunch at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
  • The donning of the caps below the University Library

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The actors collaborating on Valborg in Uppsala are Uppsala University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,  Uppsala Municipality, Uppsala University Hospital, Region Uppsala, the Police and Destination Uppsala.