Uppsala University on prestigious ranking list

20 August 2008

Uppsala University occupies 71st place in the major ranking of the world’s universities that is carried out every year by Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai. The result is somewhat lower than last year, when the University was ranked 66th.

Uppsala University is one of four Swedish universities making the prestigious list of the world’s 100 foremost universities in “Academic Ranking of World Universities” for 2008. The ranking was undertaken for the sixth year in a row and has had a major impact on the university world.

The Karolinska Institute is ranked in 51st place, followed by Uppsala University in 71st place. Stockholm University is ranked 86th and Lund University 97th.

“There is very little difference from last year,” says Deputy Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Sahlin. “The results are good, but we can always do better! These ranking lists are studied by many people, so it’s important to attain a high ranking. This is important both when it comes to attracting foreign students and starting strategic collaboration with other universities.”

Mainly engineering and science
The Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranking factors in citations of articles, the number of articles published in Nature and Science, and Nobel laureates among faculty and alums. “It’s important to remember that this ranking is primarily focused on engineering, science, and medicine, so the arts are not involved in the evaluation,” says Kerstin Sahlin.

Just like last year, the list is headed by three prestigious U.S. universities: Harvard University, Stanford University, and the University of California at Berkeley. Fourth place is occupied by a European university, namely Cambridge University in the U.K. On the list of the 100 best European universities, Uppsala University comes in 21st.

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