New book provides social scientific perspective on sustainable fishing

9 September 2008

Life is being threatened in our oceans, and many species are redlisted and in need of policies that can quickly lead to sustainable fishing. In a new book, researcher Gloria Gallardo provides a sociological and economic perspective on an issue that thus far has been primarily treated as biological.

According to the organization IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, between 46 and 48 percent of marine animal life is threatened with extinction.  Therefore, political initiatives to attain sustainable fishing should be beneficial to both the ecosystem and fisheries.  But in her book, the sociologist Gloria Gallardo shows that the road to sustainable fishing and stable economic solutions runs through a maze of power struggles and financial unrest.
Gallardo’s book offers a unique insight into the daily struggle, in political battles, family relations, and other sociological and economic issues in a subject that until now has primarily been described from a biological perspective.  The descriptions provide knowledge that is needed if we are to succeed in formulating and implementing a successful sustainable fishing policy.
She maintains that a policy that safeguards public resources and is based on a system involving all players can be highly successful.  She presents experiences from two examples that can provide hope for the survival of the world’s seas.
Gloria Gallardo is a researcher at Cemus (Center for Environmental and Development Studies), which is a unit within the joint Center for Sustainable Development at Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.  She was previously written extensively on rural development and natural resource issues.
The book, From Seascapes of Extinction to Seascapes of Confidence, is published in Open Access and is thus accessible via the Internet and can be used freely for educational purposes, for instance, as long as the author is cited.
The book can be downloaded or ordered in a printed version at the publishing company Co-Action Publishing.  The site also provides more information and an interview with the author.
Gloria Gallardo can be reached at phone: +46 (0)18-471 72 13, via e-mail:, or via the publishers at phone: +46 (0)18-495 11 26.