New strategic commitments decided for 2009

6 November 2008

Uppsala University is continuing its strategic commitments, focusing on quality and renewal. Energy research, peace research, and medical research are examples of fields that can count on extra reinforcement next year. This is shown in the 2009 Operational Plan to be addressed today by the University Board.

“It is important to have part of the supplemental funding go to strong fields with great potential to develop. That enhances our competitiveness,” says Vice-Chancellor Anders Hallberg.

The 2009 Operational Plan follows the University’s recently adopted “Goals and Strategies,” which formulates four key areas: A university for outstanding research, a university for first-class education, a university in society, and a university under development.

In its bill titled “A Boost for Research and Education” the government proposes that Uppsala University be allocated a supplement of SEK 101.2 million for 2009. According to the Board’s decision, these funds will be distributed in a manner that will increase the University’s involvement in the EU and support the University’s researchers in their EU applications, give more research time to professors who were promoted through the ranks, create new two-year post-doctoral fellowships, increase the volume of doctoral programs as needed, and increase the proportion of doctoral students with salaried positions. To be ready for sustained co-funding of strategic commitments at the national level, and to prepare applications for such funding, special resources are being set aside.

Regarding education, funding continues to target advanced-level programs and educational development. In the latter field, for example, funds will be added for IT-supported learning. In connection with the internationalization of the University, fresh funding will be set aside for more courses for foreign students in the Swedish language and Swedish culture. Finally, priority will be given to broader student recruitment, for instance by supplementing funding for the University’s Language Workshop, as in previous years.

The university will also continue its commitment to quality work, gender equality, and leadership with the aim of improving the work environment.

“The work environment is a key factor for success. When our associates are happy, creativity blossoms, bringing with it success,” says Anders Hallberg.

To find out more, please contact Planning Director Kerstin Jacobsson, phone: +46 (0)18-471 1735 for factual information, and Vice-Chancellor Anders Hallberg, phone: +46 (0)18-471 3310.