Börje Johansson awarded the Humboldt Research Award

15 June 2017

Börje Johansson, Senior Professor of Materials Theory at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, won the prestigious international Humboldt Research Award in April 2017.

Börje Johansson has received the Humboldt Research Award for his theoretical studies of the electronic structure of solid materials, and the jury citation reads:

“Börje Johansson has received the Humboldt Research Award for his fundamental insights into the f-electron system and magnetism, and other pioneering work, such as core-level shift and electronic structure theory of advanced alloys.”

Put in slightly simpler terms, this means he has received the award for his research in how atoms bond together in a material, that is, a crystal structure, magnetism, high pressure loads, superconductivity and more. He will use the award sum of EUR 60,000 for advanced materials research at Humboldt University and the Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin for six months.

“This award entails incredible opportunities for me to work with top German researchers in my field on-site in their immediate home settings. This kind of recognition from other researchers is incredibly exciting,” says Börje Johansson.​

The award is presented in all scientific fields and only a few Swedes have received the award before. Past recipients include Kai Siegbahn, who won the award in 1986, and Joseph Nordgren, who won it in 2006.