Four elite student athletes receive scholarship

15 June 2017

Many students at Uppsala University play sports at the elite level in parallel with their studies. A special scholarship was instituted specifically for this group last year. This year’s scholarship recipients are involved in football, track and field, floorball and basketball.

The four students are:

  • Moa Mattsson, student in the Master Programme in Sociotechnical Systems Engineering and active in football in IK Uppsala Fotboll. Has played in 14 international matches on the F15-F19 national teams, seven seasons in Elitettan and Norrettan, and is the 2017 team captain of IK Uppsala Fotboll.
  • Sofia Mossberg, student in the Law Programme and active in track and field in Falu IK Friidrott. Has won several junior Swedish Championship medals in the 60 and 100 metre hurdles, and has served on various national teams, including for the European Athletics Junior Championships in Italy and the Nordic-Baltic championship.
  • Victor Andersson, student in the Primary School Teacher Education Programme and active in floorball in IBK Storvreta. As an elite player, has won four Swedish Championship golds, three EuroFloorball Cup golds, and one World University Championship silver.
  • Oliver Jonsson, student in the Master Programme in Business & Management and active in basketball in Uppsala Basket. Has played at the elite level since 2009 and has won, among other things, the Swedish Championship silver with Uppsala Basket in the 2014/2015 season.

The scholarships will be presented at a welcome reception for new students in autumn.

Uppsala University works to be an athletics-friendly university and in conjunction with the development of procedures for elite athletes in 2015, a scholarship programme was introduced. Every year from 2016 to 2018, four elite student athletes will be awarded a scholarship of SEK 25,000.

About the scholarship

Active Uppsala University students who have completed at least one term of at least half-time study with passing results are eligible to apply. The sport must be included in one of the Swedish Sports Confederation’s special sports governing bodies. Individual athletes must compete at the national championship level at least, and/or on national teams. Elite team athletes must play in one of the two highest national series. Elite team coaches or national team captains may also apply. A committee comprising representatives of the university, the student union and the sports federation Upplands Idrottsförbund will conduct an overall appraisal of academic and athletic merits.