The Humanities Theatre – a new arena for limitless dialogue

26 October 2017

The Humanities Theatre as seen from Thunbergsvägen. On certain nights, the facade is lit in shifting shades of red, blue, green and gold.

In October 2017, Uppsala University’s latest contribution to the development of culture and science in Uppsala was officially opened – the Humanities Theatre at the English Park Campus. The intention has been to create a new meeting place for education and innovative thinking with open conversation as a starting point.

In the Humanities Theatre, classic tradition meets new, modern technology. The arena is built in the shape of a horse shoe, inspired by the classical anatomical theatre of Museum Gustavianum. This encourages dialogue, not only between presenter and audience, but also between the participants of the auditorium and those taking part through digital channels on the large video screen. The Humanities Theatre is meant to be an attractive venue for all kinds of events. Apart from the theatre itself, there are also conference rooms and other social spaces.

The closeness between everyone in the theatre and the advanced audio-visual technology separates it from other larger Uppsala venues. Photo: David Naylor

The Humanities Theatre is set among the other buildings of Uppsala University’s English Park Campus – centre for the humanities. It is easily recognised with its unique cone shape. The exterior is covered with flower-inspired ornamentations by the artist Ann Lislegaard. On certain nights at dusk the building and its golden aluminium facade is lit in shifting shades of red, blue, green and gold.