Malaria researcher receives first SIGHT Award in global health

13 December 2017

Andreas Mårtensson at the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health will receive the SIGHT Award in recognition of excellent scientific achievements in global health. The SIGHT Award is a new distinction that will be conferred for the first time.

SIGHT Award recipient Andreas Mårtensson

SIGHT, the Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation, was established by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in January 2017 to strengthen research and knowledge dissemination on global health. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation financed the founding of the institute.

The SEK 100,000 award, which is now being presented for the first time, was established with support from the Einhorn Family Foundation to support and inspire young researchers in global health. The award is intended to reward efforts of major scientific value concerning research in collaboration with universities in low- and middle-income countries to improve health for those in the most need.

“The award is a way to highlight successful research in global health – important contributions to helping the world achieve the UN global sustainable development goals,” says Peter Friberg, SIGHT Director.

Andreas Mårtensson is being presented the award in recognition of his pioneering work in fighting malaria.

Award citation:

“Andreas Mårtensson undertakes interdisciplinary global health research of high quality in cooperation with institutions in East Africa, including pioneering work resulting in a radical decrease of malaria prevalence in Zanzibar.”

“Being the first award laureate is hugely inspiring,” says Andreas Mårtensson. “It’s really encouraging for me and the people I’m working with, especially for those of us doing interdisciplinary work. Simple tools have proven to be very effective in combating malaria.”