Spotlight on cancer

Thanks to advances in treatment options, the chances of surviving cancer are better than ever before. However, new forms of therapy are expensive and there is a risk that the number of cancer cases will double in the next 25 years. Despite major advances, medical science is facing ever greater challenges. At Uppsala University, however, researchers are positive about the future. Here we showcase a few examples of all the ongoing research on cancer.

The study Phys-Can

Researchers want to take cancer care to the gym

A study called Phys-Can has shown that group exercise sessions during cancer treatment increase patients’ strength and endurance and also provide social support and motivation to stay active. Now the researchers hope their results will be integrated and become a self-evident part of cancer care in Sweden.

The research initiative U-CAN

Pinpoint cancer treatment

Knowledge of the genetics underlying cancer and which patients respond well to various treatments is expanding. In Uppsala, work is being done to help develop treatments which are more adapted to individuals and methods for making earlier diagnoses.

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