Spotlight on democracy

Democracy means government by the people, but how is the will of the people realised? In recent years, populist parties critical of parts of our democratic systems have won growing numbers of votes in general elections. One of democracy’s problems today is ‘alternative facts’ or half-truths being spread online. What news can one actually trust?

Populism is growing in the shadow of democracy

A wave of populism is washing over the world. The parties of discontent are growing in many countries and coming to power in general elections. This indicates a vulnerability in our democratic system, according to Sverker Gustavsson, Professor of Political Science at Uppsala University. “We’ve lulled ourselves into a sense of security far too long.”

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Mass experiment on source criticism

There is an extensive interest in the News Evaluator, a research project on source criticism in digital media. Nearly 12 000 young people have participated in a mass experiment where they have reviewed their own news flows. Research shows that source criticism in social media requires its own approach.

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Column: Li Bennich Björkman

“Liberty, equality, fraternity!”

The French revolutionaries threw a hierarchical and unjust society on the dust heap with forward-thinking ideas. Rarely has anything proven to be more difficult to realise politically, however. Amartya Sen, who has been awarded the 2017 Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science, asserts that it is only greater political equality – democracy – that will lead to the many gaining the freedom to govern their own lives.

Films from centenary symposium:

Has the democratisation of the world come to a halt?

That was the theme of the centenary symposium of Knut and Alice Wallenbergs foundation in September 2017. Participating Uppsala researchers include Patricia Mindus from the Department of Philosophy, Lisa Hultman, Peter Wallensteen and Håvard Hegre from the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, and Joakim Palme from the Department of Government.

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