Calendar created from winning weather images

Fredrik Gustafson’s winning photo of powerful thunderclouds from January 2022 will adorn the cover of the 2023 wall calendar.

Fredrik Gustafson’s winning photo of powerful thunderclouds from January 2022 will adorn the cover of the 2023 wall calendar.

In connection with the Celsius jubilee in 2022, a weather photography competition started where a new winner image was chosen every month. The images have now been collected in a calendar for 2023, along with poetic descriptions of various weather phenomena.

Christoffer Hallgren, doctoral student in
meteorology. Photo: David Naylor

The calendar can be purchased on most campuses and in Uppsala University's online store. On a quick flip-through, the eye is attracted to the cool cloud formations, night skies, northern lights and rainbows.

For each image, there is a short description of the different weather phenomena, authored by Christoffer Hallgren. He is a doctoral student in meteorology and has been on the jury together with Cecilia Johansson, senior lecturer in meteorology, and Malin Eivergård, who is a communicator at the Department of Earth Sciences.

– We have tried to gather a good spread between the different weather phenomena. We are pleased that we have received so many beautiful photographs and we have enjoyed writing descriptions that are different from the strictly scientific, says Christoffer Hallgren.

Dramatic weather phenomena

As a doctoral student, he conducts research on meteorological conditions for wind power. Before that, he worked as a weather forecaster.

Do you have a personal favourite?
– Many phenomena shown in the photographs are very dramatic, for example, powerful thunderstorms. But there are also very calm phenomena that you might not give much thought to, such as summer clouds and a night sky with very high-lying clouds.

Within these images, there are also meteorological processes that are briefly described in the texts.

– We have tried to get a good spread between November grey and summery images. Thanks to all those who submitted the photographs, we have been able to make a good selection.

Photos from Uppsala and Indonesia

Many of the photographers are students and employees at Uppsala University, but not all. Many of the images were taken in Uppsala, but there are also more distant motifs, such as a sunrise on Agungberget in Indonesia.

– There were so many excellent images, so we handed out ten honourable mentions as well. It would be nice if this calendar is the beginning of a new tradition at Uppsala University, perhaps with completely different motives next year, says Malin Eivergård.

Annica Hulth

Weather photography competition during the Celsius Jubilee

  • In Uppsala, we have one of the world's longest record of meteorological observations and in 2022 the measurement series celebrated 300 years. Uppsala University has drawn attention to this through a Celsius anniversary and a weather photography competition at the Department of Earth Sciences.
  • The winning images have been collected in a calendar that can be purchased in the university's online store or on site in Ekonomikum, BMC, the University Library and the Ångström Laboratory. 

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