Digital degree certificates save time and are better for the environment

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“From 1 January 2024, Uppsala University will only issue digital degree certificates,” says Anders Gardikro, Head of the Student Registry Unit. Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt.

Hello Anders Gardikro, Head of the Student Registry Unit and the person responsible for the University’s transition to digital degree certificates.

Why has Uppsala University switched to digital degree certificates?

“This is a natural step in the era of digitalisation. Digital degree certificates are a nationally developed system that will gradually be introduced at all higher education institutions in Sweden connected to Ladok (editor’s note: national study documentation system), but Uppsala University was the first to introduce it.

“Digital degree certificates will lead to a more efficient and environmentally friendly process. Students will receive a better service as the processing time is faster and we will not have to spend time sending out items by post. Students can now retrieve their certificates themselves in Ladok, and prospective employers can easily verify a degree directly against Ladok.

“In the past, many certificates have been returned because they were not collected and sometimes got lost. But now we won’t have that problem. This has been a common problem for international students in countries with poor postal services, but now they don't have to worry as they too will receive their certificates digitally.

“It will also have a positive impact on the environment as we will stop transporting our certificates by letter and can also avoid printing everything out on paper. If we calculate the number of certificates and archived copies, it comes to about 80,000 A4 sheets per year that we will now be saving.”

Will this also apply to doctoral degree certificates?

“Yes, the transition applies to all degree certificates, including doctoral degrees.

How have the students responded?

“The feedback we’ve received from students in connection with the transition has been positive, as many have long been waiting for a modern, digital solution.”

How will this change the work of the Student Registry Unit?

“The new approach saves time by eliminating the need to print and copy the certificates before placing them in envelopes and addressing them. What’s more, we previously had to deal with quite a large number of returned certificates that were not collected by the recipient which we will now no longer have to deal with.”

Anders Berndt


From 1 January 2024, Uppsala University will only issue digital degree certificates. Students will be notified by email when their degree certificates have been issued.

Once the certificate has been issued, the student can log in to Ladok and download their certificate as a digitally stamped PDF file, with the stamp confirming that the document has not been altered.

A student who has received a degree issued after 1 January 2024 can download their degree certificate at any time. When their student account ceases to be valid, the student can instead create a login for alumni on Ladok.

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