2017 Gustaf Adolf Medals awarded



Five Elder Gustaf Adolf Medals in gold and two in silver have been awarded to employees at Uppsala University.

The University Board awards the Elder Gustaf Adolf Medal to a person who has held a position at the University of particular responsibility and trust, or has served the University in an extraordinarily meritorious manner. The matter has been processed by the University Board’s Council of trustees.

Gustaf Adolf Medal in gold

Hedvig Brander Jonsson
Award citation
Hedvig Brander Jonsson, Senior Lecturer and Reader in Art History, has successfully researched 19th century visual culture and imagery in Swedish church settings. For a long succession of years she has been Head of Department at the Department of Art History, and in this capacity she has shown great commitment and caring for the department. Her knowledge and experience was of great value during the merging with Gotland University College, when the activities there in art history and conservation were integrated into the Department of Art History.

Mikael Jonsson
Award citation
Mikael Jonsson, Professor of Strength of Materials, has been Head of Department at the Department of Engineering Sciences for many years. The department, with its 360 employees, is one of the University’s largest, with extensive and diverse activities in both research and education. Professor Jonsson has handled his duties in an exemplary way while caring for his staff in a quickly growing environment. Over the years he has also made valuable contributions to different investigations and working groups at both the disciplinary domain and university level.

Curt Pettersson
Award citation
Curt Pettersson, Professor of Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry, is awarded for his distinguished research in the field of pharmaceutical analysis and for his management efforts at the Faculty of Pharmacy. Professor Pettersson has been Head of Department at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry for 12 years. In parallel with his official tasks he has shown great commitment for both the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy, e.g. in committee work. Professor Pettersson has through his deeds at Uppsala University shown extraordinary responsibility and breadth in his scholarly commitment.

Gun Heimer
Award citation
Gun Heimer is Consultant and Professor of Women’s Medicine with a specialisation in domestic violence. As director of the National Centre for Knowledge on Men’’s Violence Against Women she has built and for a long time successfully spearheaded important activities to increase our knowledge of men’s violence against women, honour-related violence and oppression, and violence in same-sex relationships. The National Centre for Knowledge on Men’’s Violence Against Women is based at Uppsala University.

Björn Wittrock
Award citation
Björn Wittrock is Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Director of the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS). In his research he has looked at the development of the social sciences, university history, and modernism and global history from a sociological perspective. As director and driving force behind the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study he has, since its formation in 1986, more than anyone else, contributed to its strong position as an internationally renown institution for advanced studies. As a member of several academies, prize committees and review panels he has made great contributions to Swedish and European social sciences and humanities.

The Gustaf Adolf Medal in silver

Hans Svensson
Award citation
Hans Svensson has worked at the University for a long time, as faculty programme director of the former Teacher Education Board and the Faculty of Languages, as head of the Office for Humanities and Social Sciences and in a number of roles at Campus Gotland, most recently as head of department. His work has been characterised by structure, deep knowledge, wisdom and never failing judgement. His deeds have thereby been invaluable to the University’s development.

Lena Wallensteen
Award citation
Lena Wallensteen is awarded the Gustaf Adolf Medal in silver for her persevering and exemplary work in strengthening Uppsala University’s international relations. Lena Wallensteen has with creativity and knowledge established a new arena, Uppsala Diplomatic Forum, giving the diplomatic corps the opportunity to better get to know Swedish society, get introduced to current research and to Uppsala University. Uppsala University’s researchers and staff have gained an opportunity to forge new contacts and build international relations. Lena Wallensteen has in all her deeds, both professionally and privately, been an ambassador for Uppsala University, Uppsala and Sweden.

David Naylor

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